Swallowing Awareness Day

14 March 2018

Join us for another great day of campaigning to highlight how dysphagia can affect people’s lives and how speech and language therapy transforms negative experiences into positive ones.

Eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties have potentially life-threatening consequences. They can result in choking, pneumonia, chest infections, dehydration, malnutrition and weight loss. They can also make taking medication more difficult and they can lead to a poorer quality of life for the individual and their family.

Dysphagia can affect people at any stage of their lives and speech and language therapists support and enable them to eat and drink safely.

Last year you held events across the globe to support the campaign. We saw you raising awareness from hospitals and care homes to universities and railway stations. The European Space Agency and astronaut, Major Tim Peake also contributed to the conversation by posting messages about what it’s like to eat and drink in space which swept around the globe and ensured the campaign trended on social media throughout the day.

See all the great images from Swallowing Awareness Day 2017

See some of the events that took place at last year’s event

The question is can you make 2018’s campaign as successful as last year?

We’ve built a campaign toolkit to help you get involved, including posters, factsheets and puzzles to help you get your message across. Like last year, we’re asking you to share your activity with us on Twitter. We’d love to see your campaign selfies and we’ll retweet the best posts.

Please use #swallowaware2018 and tag @RCSLT when you’re posting your campaign messages.


Getting involved with Swallowing Awareness Day? Below are some ideas you might like to try…

  • The Great British Blend Off! – Create and share a modified version of your favourite meal or dessert!
  • Take the Cake Challenge! – Try eating cake without using your lips, tongue or teeth. Create a stand and invite people to try with you
  • Mocktail anyone? Create and share your favourite cocktail, stage 1, 2 or 3 – you decide.
  • How does it feel? To be fed, to be helped to drink, to have your mouth cleaned? Run a little workshop to raise awareness.
  • Come Dine with Me! – Host a ‘special meal’ for friends, all with a little modification of course.
  • Use our Swallowing Awareness Day puzzles to engage the public, colleagues, friends and family with information about dysphagia.
  • Host a stand – with these materials you can go places! Be interactive and creative as you raise awareness.
  • Hold an indoor picnic with modified food and liquids.
  • Working in a school? Why not hold a creative session to educate the pupils about people’s swallowing difficulties?
  • Talk to your local farmer’s market to see if they would be prepared to join the campaign.
  • Run a 24-hour thickened fluid challenge for colleagues, friends, and family.
  • Take your campaign to the heart of the community by inviting your local MP, press.


Download the toolkit:




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