Anniversaries and Awareness Days 2018




2-8              Children’s Mental Health Week

4                  World Cancer Day

17                Care Day (looked after children) 2018

27                National Mental Capacity Action Day 2017




1                     World Book Day

3                     World Hearing Day

5-9                 National Apprenticeship Week

6-12                National Conversation Week

10                   Disabled Access Day

12-18             Brain Awareness Week

12-18              NHS Nutrition & Hydration Week

14                   Swallowing Awareness Day

26 -2 April     Schools’ Autism Awareness Week

26 -2 April     World Autism Awareness Week

31                   International Transgender Day of Visibility




Bilingual Awareness Month

2                  World Autism Awareness Day

7                  World Health Day

10-16          Parkinson’s Awareness Week

11                World Parkinson’s Day

16                World Voice Day

21                Care Home Open Day

23                World Book Night

24-30          MS Awareness Week




Huntington Disease Awareness Month
Stroke Awareness Month

8-14           Action for Brain Injury (ABI) Week

14               Apraxia Awareness Day

14-20         Mental Health Awareness Week

14-22         Foster Care Fortnight

15-21         Deaf Awareness Week

21-27         Dementia Awareness Week

28               National Memory Day

30               World MS Day




Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month
Learning Disability Week
National Aphasia Awareness Month

21             Motor Neurone Disease Global Awareness Day




National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month

24              International Self-Care Day



World Alzheimer’s Month
Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness

10                National Dementia Carers Day
18-22          European Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week
18-24          National Eye Health Week
21                World Alzheimer’s Day



International AAC Awareness Month
Bilingual Child Month
Selective Mutism Awareness Month


2               World Sight Day
8-13          Mental Illness Awareness Week
10              World Mental Health Day
13              World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
17              World Prematurity Day
22              International Stammering Awareness Day
29              World Stroke Day



3                 International Day of People with Disability