Awards 2015

This year’s Giving Voice Awards took place on Tuesday 6 October in the Rootes Building at the University of Warwick.

It was a glitzy affair, which saw several students, speech and language therapists, lecturers and a host of other influential people being presented with a Giving Voice Award.





This prestigious national accolade recognises their creative commitment to raising awareness of cost-saving, life-transforming work of their profession.



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Below is a comprehensive list of all the winners on the night:

Giving Voice Awards 2015 winners:

  • Stoke Speaks Out (Janet Cooper and Joan Walley) - Giving Voice Award
  • Marjon Give Voice (Lucy Singer, Lizzie Dawes and Cornelia Honold)- Giving Voice Award
  • London North West Healthcare, Paediatric Speech - Giving Voice Award
    and Language Therapy services, Harrow (Gemma Knight, Rhiannon Halfpenny, Charlotte Millward) - Giving Voice
  • University of Manchester SLT peer mentor student coordinators (Lusanda Donnelly, Laura McGregor and Amy Hilton)- Giving Voice Award
  • University of East Anglia SLT Society (Felicity Stephenson, Zoe Mardell and Sophie Carter)- Giving Voice Award
  • Leeds Giving Voice Choir (Wendy Neill) - Giving Voice Award

RCSLT Honours Awards 2015 winners:

  • Rosemary Cunningham - RCSLT Fellowship
  • Professor Sara Howard - RCSLT Fellowship
  • Annie Elias - RCSLT Fellowship
  • Maggie Cooper - RCSLT Fellowship
  • Kate Young - RCSLT  Fellowship
  • Professor Mick Perkins - Honorary Fellowship
  • Travers Reid - Honorary Fellowship
  • David White - Honorary Fellowship
  • Mr Julian McGlashan - Honorary Fellowship
  • The Aphasia Café - Sternberg Award for Excellence
    University of Sheffield
  • Leeds Beckett University and - Sternberg Award for Excellence
    Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust
    Dysphagia Scheme

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