European Swallowing Awareness Day - 6 March 2021

European Swallowing Awareness Day on 6 March 2021 was organised by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and CPLOL. Huge congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part in this event, which highlighted how speech and language therapists support people with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties – often transforming their lives

We were so impressed with the commitment, energy and creativity all our campaigners  showed. You should be incredibly proud of yourselves.

Many thanks also goes to European Space Agency and astronaut Major Tim Peake CMG for promoting the #swallowaware2017 day via Twitter and Facebook. Not only did you raise awareness around the world of this important issue, but you also took the campaign into orbit. We are immensely grateful to you.

A number of #swallowaware2017 events will continue throughout the month of March and the next big push is likely to come from our friends Speech Pathology Australia and their members when they celebrate Swallowing Awareness Day on 15 March 2021.

Until next year…

Download the European Swallowing Awareness Day Toolkit:

  1. Getting involved in European Swallowing Awareness Day poster
  2. Swallowing Awareness Day logo and usage guidelines
  3. Dysphagia word cloud poster
  4. Quick Quiz 2017
  5. Factsheet: Giving Voice to people with swallowing difficulties
  6. Factsheet: Supporting stroke survivors with swallowing difficulties
  7. Factsheet: Supporting people with swallowing difficulties due to head and neck cancer
  8. Factsheet: Supporting infants, children and young people with feeding and swallowing difficulties
  9. Poster: A difficult diagnosis to swallow
  10. Poster: Dysphagia-What does it mean to me?
  11. Poster: Dysphagia-How can the speech and language therapist help?
  12. Poster: Dysphagia- How is it assessed?
  13. Poster: Dysphagia-What can be done to help?
  14. Families and carers - Swallowing support for adults with learning disabilities
  15. Val’s swallowing story