General Election 2015


Download the ‘Manifesto Asks’ document

Ahead of the 2015 UK General Election the RCSLT worked alongside the Communication Trust and the Allied Health Professions Federation to develop a series of Manifesto Asks. Our Manifesto Asks sought to support the work of the speech and language therapy profession and to improve outcomes for service users and their families.

In the lead up to the General Election, we produced some top tips on how candidates could make their campaigns inclusive of people with speech, language and communication needs:

Download advice to candidates in the 2015 Westminster Elections



Download the ‘Policy Briefing’ document

In the lead up to the general election, the RCSLT called on each of the political
parties to:

  • Support early identification of speech, language and communication needs by providing better training and professional development for early years professionals, health visitors and GPs about children’s oral language.
  • Ensure equal access to speech and language therapy support by introducing a requirement to ensure local services are commissioned for children with special educational needs and disabilities who do not have education and health care plans.

    As part of the Allied Health Professions Federation, the RCSLT called on each of the political parties to:

  • Recognise the contribution and value of the whole workforce in supporting patients by maintaining the number of AHPs trained, based on full robust data from all providers – not just the NHS.
  • Acknowledge the important role of Allied health professionals (AHPs) ensure that all policies, speeches and documents reference AHPs, the third biggest section of the health workforce.
  • Ensure health and wellbeing boards have access to expertise and advice from AHPs through AHP representation on the boards and securing AHPs’ expertise in local health networks.
  • Open up senior trust director posts to AHPs so that their unique insight can inform the integration of health and care around the needs of the patient.


    Download the ‘Meeting Your Candidates’ document

    In the lead up to the general election, the RCSLT encouraged members to meet with their local candidates to communicate the value of their local service and to share our ‘manifesto asks’. Meeting their candidates would help to raise awareness about the importance of speech and language therapy within local communities and develop long-term relationships with local decision-makers. Ideas we suggested to members were:-

    Share our ‘Manifesto Asks’ with your local parliamentary candidates- Arrange a meeting with your local candidates-Write to your local candidates

    - A personalised letter is the most effective way of contacting parliamentary candidates. If you have never written to a politician before, please use the template below as a guide.

    - The most important thing to do in the letter is to request a meeting or service visit to get your message across.

    - Remember to personalise your letter with local facts and figures.
    You should write on a personal basis only to the candidates standing for the constituency in which you live.

    - If you are writing in your professional capacity you can contact the candidates standing for the area where your service is based or the area which it covers.
    If you have not received a written response from your candidate within two weeks of writing, you can then telephone call to bring your letter to their attention.