Become a Giving Voice champion

Our champions come from across the RCSLT’s membership. Students, NHS managers, independent practitioners and assistants (amongst others!) have signed up to help make Giving Voice happen in their local area.

Giving Voice Champions do these key things:

  • Act as the link between RCSLT and their team – receiving regular campaign updates and hearing first about new resources, actions and events. Just as importantly, they report back on their activities to RCSLT.
  • Coordinate local activity – by sharing Giving Voice information and persuading colleagues and contacts to get involved in organising events, media work and meetings with decision makers.
  • Receive RCSLT champion training – you don’t have to be trained to be a champion but we strongly encourage you to take up this valuable CPD opportunity.




If you would like to become a Giving Voice champion or discuss the role further, please contact Emma Barnes, Giving Voice Coordinator on 0207 378 3630 or via email. To find out where your nearest Giving Voice champion is, click here.

All the resources you need to get started on campaigning can be found on the Your Campaign Resources page.


The Giving Voice Innovation Group

The Giving Voice Innovation Group of Giving Voice champions from across the UK working together to shape the future of the campaign, and help others to get involved. Read more about the Giving Voice Innovation Group (GIG) here.




Campaign Buddies

If you are new to Giving Voice and would like some extra support to get started why not ask RCSLT to match you up with a Giving Voice campaign buddy?

Let us know who you are and where you work and we will try to find you an experienced Giving Voice champion to offer you peer support. They can share with you which activities worked well for them and suggest how you could improve the ideas you already have.

Andrea and Ruth are Giving Voice champions in Derbyshire Community Health Services, where they have coordinated an award-wining local campaign. On 30th March 2012 they not only swept to victory in the ‘Into the Limelight’ category of the Advancing Healthcare Awards but also scooped the overall winner award! Despite Andrea and Ruth’s success they think having a campaign ‘buddy’ would have made their planning and delivery of Giving Voice even better.

In the early stages of the Giving Voice campaign it was a sometimes difficult to persuade and motivate colleagues to take part – and luckily Ele [Buckley] was on hand to check over some of our more ambitious ideas and give pointers (and reminders!) of when and how to do things. The idea of SLTs new to Giving Voice having a campaign buddy is excellent, as those of us who have been involved since the initiative began have discovered what works and found ways round some of the challenges faced by an activist SLT!

Click here to request a Giving Voice buddy