The Giving Voice Innovators are keen campaigners who are working hard to maintain momentum for Giving Voice at a time when some members are struggling to fit campaigning into their schedules. The GIG members develop new campaign resources, test ideas and aim to inspire greater engagement in the campaign in their region. The Giving Voice Innovators are our ‘super-champions’, experienced at campaigning and eager to share their expertise. As Speech and Language Therapists from around the UK, you can contact them for advice and guidance about your campaigning activities.

Some of the members of the Giving Voice Innovation group. From left to right: Anne-Marie Griffin, Derek Munn (RCSLT Director of Policy and Public Affairs), Emma Barnes (RCSLT Giving Voice Coordinator), Sam Johnson, Andrea Robinson, Ele Buckley (RCSLT Campaigns Manager), Nia Jones, Julie Anne Carr, Jennie Fleetwood, Sophie Jankel, Ria Bernard, David Curtin, Lynne Millard, Sarah Barker



David Curtin

David is an SLT in North London working with adults in an acute setting. To contact David click here




Julie Anne Carr



Julie is a Newly Qualified SLT from North East England working part time as a research assistant at Newcastle University and an SLT assistant in a school with children with complex needs. Julie has been actively involved in Giving Voice for more than two years, organising and participating in awareness raising events throughout the North East. Julie said: “I am a member of GIG as I am passionate about the profession and would like to share my enthusiasm with others to raise awareness of the valuable work of SLTs“ To contact Julie click here





Sophie Jankel

Sophie is a London-based Speech and Language Therapist working in a mainstream school. To contact Sophie click here






Alexis Judd

Alexis is a speech and language therapy team leader and paediatric therapist in Milton Keynes. Alexis also sits on RCSLT’s Policy and Public Affairs Board. To contact Alexis, click here



Andrea Robinson 

Andrea is a Derbyshire-based Childrens’ Speech and Language Therapist. Andrea has previously won the Giving Voice team of the year award with her colleagues. To contact Andrea, click here.





Sarah Barker

Sarah is a Speech and Language Therapist in the North East working with adults in the neurology and voice services. To contact Sarah click here





Nia Jones 

Nia is an Independent Speech and Language Therapist from South Wales, and a member of ASLTIP. To contact Nia click here




Ruth Crampton

Ruth is a paediatric SLT for complex needs working within the Northern Trust in Northern Ireland. To contact Ruth about Giving Voice in Northern Ireland, click here

Sara Noble

Sara is a Speech and Language Therapist from North Wales, working with both adults and children.Sarah is a member of RCSLT’s Wales Board. To contact Sarah click here.



Lynne Millard

Lynne is a senior speech and language therapist working in Cambridgeshire with children who have a range of communication needs.  She also works as an independent specialist therapist in Bedfordshire in a school for children with complex needs. She would welcome contact from anyone in her area who is keen to get involved with the GV campaign.To contact Lynne click here.








Samantha Johnson

Sam has a background as an adult speech and language therapist, and currently works as a lecturer at De Montfort University. To contact Sam, click here.






Ria Bernard

Ria is a Newly Qualified SLT working for an independent practice, providing a service to mainstream schools in London. To contact Ria click here






Gill Rudd

Gillian is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist working with children, teenagers and adults in the West Midlands. She has been involved in Giving Voice since 2011, working alongside education, health and third sector partners to raise awareness. She is keen to hear from anyone interested in campaigning. To contact Gill, click here.








Jennie Fleetwood

Jennie lives and works in the North West region. She works across Cheshire and Wirral as a specialist within the autism teaching team and also works in Trafford (Greater Manchester) as part of the specialist Early Years team.  Jennie has also spent time working and volunteering abroad.

Jennie is keen to get people involved in sharing the Giving Voice message and would welcome contact from anyone wanting to take part in the Giving Voice campaign. To contact Jennie click here






Anne Marie Griffin 

Anne Marie is currently in her final year of a SLT degree at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. Anne Marie has been an active student campaigner, and previously worked for RCSLT in Scotland.