Giving Voice to speech and language therapy at the Senedd (Welsh Parliament)

On Tuesday 21 June, RCSLT Wales hosted a lunchtime event for Assembly Members (AMs) at the Senedd – the Welsh Parliament building.

During the event, Lesley Jones, a laryngectomee, powerfully shared how losing her voice had impacted on her life and how her speech and language therapist had enabled her to regain her confidence and develop new ways of communicating.

RCSLT Senedd Alison Stroud (left) and Julie Morgan. Copyright: Michael Hall










Members were also able to talk to their political representatives about how speech and language therapy transforms lives by supporting people with communication, swallowing, eating and drinking difficulties at every age and stage of life. The event was attended by 15 AMs (including three cabinet members) and over 20 RCSLT members.

If you are interested in being involved in our influencing work, please get in touch with the Wales policy team by contacting either Alison Stroud or Caroline Walters