The International Communication Project 2014 (ICP2014) aims to spread the word about the vital importance of communication to all aspects of our lives and the critical difference that communication professionals can make – especially when they are involved early.


Participate in the International Communication Project Month of action during May. Click here to find out how to participate in the UK, or fine out what’s happening around the world. 

Catch up on all the events and activity that’s been taking place as part of the International Communication Project in the UK

Our goals

  • to raise the profile and status of communication disorders and disability with international health bodies and policy makers
  • to increase public awareness of communication disorders and disability and the severe impact they have on people’s lives
  • to encourage people around the world to join together to make a difference in the lives of people living with communication disorders and disability

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Participating in the International Communication project

Throughout 2014, we’re encouraging RCSLT members, Giving Voice champions, and speech and language therapists from around the world to put on events to help raise awareness of the difficulties faced by individuals with communication impairments, and the valuable work that speech and language therapists do to transform lives.


You can find out more about the ICP at, or by following us on facebook or twitter.

If you’re interested in contributing to the International Communication Project, either by sharing your story, creating a blog or more, let us know! Fill out our survey by clicking here and we will be in touch.


Tools to get you started      

Download the International Communication Project campaign toolkit to find out more about the campaign and how to get started

Download the ICP activities menu for ideas for ICP activities

 Download the speech bubble template

Download the event guide for tips on how to put on events

Download our step by step guide to engaging the media.


Visit our Giving Voice resources page for ideas on how to get involved from the Giving Voice campaign.


Order International communication project and Giving Voice merchandise 

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Events and activities

To find out how to get involved in the Comite Permanent de Liasion des Orthophonistes - Logopedes (CPLOL)’s European day of Speech and Language on March 6th, click here

Throughout 2014 we’re asking RCSLT members who are working overseas to porduce video blogs, explaining their role what life’s like as an SLT in each country. If you’d like to get involved, download our guidelines for producing video blogs or get in touch.