The Giving Voice campaign is continuing, so please keep ordering merchandise to help spread the campaign messages. Using Giving Voice merchandise is a simple and effective way to spread the campaign among your clinical colleagues in the office, at conferences and in reception areas.



Giving Voice Merchandise

Giving Voice badges
(per 25)   £8.20    
Giving Voice pens
(per 50) £19.50 
‘Seven Signs’ booklets
(per 20) £21.60 
Giving Voice sticky note pads
(per 50)   £39.25 
Giving Voice stickers
(per  100) £5.50 
RCSLT Balloons
£2.50 for 20
RCSLT Lanyards
£1 each or 6 for £5
 Giving Voice Polo shirts (Fitted and Standard Fit) - £12.00 each

Also available with our bilingual Welsh and English Giving Voice logos












Giving Voice Tshirts (Fitted and Standard Fit) - £9.00 Each.

Reverse as displayed above





Orders over £15 will receive 20 free Giving Voice branded balloons.curve-voice-balloon-138 (2) Costs for merchandise include postage, packaging and VAT. Postage on T-shirts is charged at £3 for 3 items of clothing.



Preview the seven signs booklet. The Giving Voice leaflets can also be viewed on the toolkit page. If you need a leaflet urgently, please consider downloading the pdf and printing it locally.





How to order

To order your merchandise, download and complete the Giving Voice Merchandise order form and return it to . Please note that only RCSLT members are eligible to place an order.


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