Sweets and cakes

Tea parties with a twist

People enjoying a coffee morning at UEAThe University of East Anglia’s (UEA) Giving Voice Society recently held their first meeting of the academic year. However, there was a twist to the proceedings as they combined it with a Macmillan Cancer Coffee Morning. The event took place on 4 October 2016 and saw the Queens Building adorned with bunting, speech bubble facts and much more. The event raised £58.53, which is enough to buy a good quality liquidiser for patients with swallowing difficulties, resulting from their treatment.

The society will be running a range of Giving Voice events between 21-25 November 2016


Liverpool Community Health Trust’s alternative tea

As part of Liverpool Community Health Trust’s ‘Giving Voice for People with Dysphagia’ campaign, they held an alternative afternoon tea on 14 July 2016 at their headquarters. Attendees included community matrons, nurses, AHPs, social workers and other stakeholders.

There were a selection of modified drinks and treats available to try, aimed at demonstrating how food and drink can be made visually appealing to

liverpool community health trust

people with dysphagia who require it. They devised a menu which included a host of ‘softer options’ such as egg mayonnaise sandwiches with soft crust-less bread through to mashed versions, soaking solutions and pureed cakes. There was also a range of thickened drinks using both starch and gum based thickeners available to try.


The Liverpool Community Health Adult Speech and Language Therapy team serve Liverpool residents who are experiencing communication difficulties and/or dysphagia as a result of a wide range of conditions such as Stroke, MND, Parkinsons, Dementia and COPD. Clients are seen in a variety of settings. They specialise in providing holistic support and intervention to their clients and their families/ carers, working closely with their AHP and District Nursing colleagues across the trust.