UCLU Giving Voice in concert

On 9 December 2016, UCLU Giving Voice held their annual Carol Concert, complete with mince pies and mulled wine. There were choirs from Sing For Joy Bloomsbury, UCLU Sign Language Society, Downright Excellent and the hosts, UCLU Giving Voice.

Sing for Joy is a choir for people with Parkinson’s Disease and similar conditions, their friends and carers. One person in every 500 has Parkinson’s, meaning approximately 127,000 people in the UK are affected. Everyone’s experience of Parkinson’s is different. The symptoms someone has and how quickly the condition develops will differ from one person to another. Their performance raised the roof and certainly got everyone in the festive spirit.

Alongside the carol concert, the society ran a Downright Excellent volunteering programme. UCLU Giving Voice were able to support them in raising £260 through Christmas card sales. Downright Excellent is a wonderful charity that provides therapy to children with Down syndrome.

“It was great to have them in our carol concert this year. We had an impromptu speech from one boy telling the audience that he ‘loved his mum and that she looked very pretty’ I’m sure that made her night”, said Kim Talbot, UCLU Giving Voice Committee.

The event pulled in an audience totaling 150, which included family and friends of those performing, society members, students and UCL staff.

The 30 Giving Voice Society members who formed the UCLU Giving Voice Choir really impressed the crowd. Many of the audience later got involved with the performance after being taught the signs for the chorus.

The Singing Hands ladies said “it was a great example of active not passive learning”.


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