Using the Giving Voice Logo

The RCSLT encourages our campaign supporters to use the Giving Voice logo creatively to help promote the campaign. We’ve seen beautiful and exciting uses to which the logo has been put, including banners, signposts, printed clothing and much more besides.

If you want to use the Giving Voice logo, you can download it from the Giving Voice toolkit in a number of formats and resolutions.

Here’s a few pointers on how not to use the logo:

  • Please don’t change the colours, or the design of the logo itself. We want to keep the campaign branding consistent, so it’s easily recognised
  • If you are playing with the size of the logo, to fit it on your T-shirt, the side of your truck(!) or onto a business card, please don’t change its shape as it will look strange and distorted. You can usually resize it while maintaining the original shape by clicking and dragging the corners (not the top/bottom/sides)
  • We are happy for you to use the logo alongside other logos, like the logo for the Hello! campaign, where the other logos relate to disabilities. Please don’t combine the logo with commercial logos though. If “they” are not supporting our campaign, they shouldn’t be benefiting form our “brand equity” and;
  • please don’t use the logo for commercial purposes. We understand that if you are making up a load of T-shirts, you may want to recover the costs of production, which is fine. But please don’t use the Giving Voice logo on something that you sell, as that is an infringement of our copyright.

Please do send us pictures and videos of how you are using your logo in support of our Giving Voice campaign!

More information on Giving Voice branding guidelines.

If you have any questions about the use of the logo or campaign materials, contact Emma Barnes.

Thank you again for creatively supporting our campaign!