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The 20 funniest pupils were selected to compete in the live grand final which took place on Monday 5 June 2021 at Belfast City Hall in Belfast. Over 3,500 competitors, many of whom have never needed a speech and language therapist, had already participated in local heats.

Knockmore Primary School pupil,  Odhran Morris won the heart of the judges at this year’s Voice Box Awards when he gave an animated account of his favourite joke.

“What’s tall, lives in the middle of Paris and wobbles?
I don’t know what is tall, lives in the middle of Paris and wobbles?
The Trifle Tower!”

To win the top prize, Odhran had to impress the Voice Box panel of judges, Anne Gamble, Country representative RCSLT; June Wilkinson, Head of Children and Young People’s Strategy Team, Department of Education and St Mary’s college pupil Molly Bradley, who has a cochlear implant.

Belfast Lord Mayor Councillor, Nuala McAllister hosted the budding comedians for the grand final  to raise awareness of the importance of good communication skills.

Ella Mack from Ballymoney Model won the Primary category with her Elsa joke:

“Why is Elsa not allowed to hold a balloon?
Because she will let it gooooooooo!”

Emily Fryers from Tor Bank School won the Post-Primary award for her joke:

“Why do the French eat snails?
They don’t like fast food!”

Belfast Lord Mayor said: “It was great to hear the best jokes that the pupils have to offer. It’s a privilege to host this prestigious event at Belfast City Hall because good communication skills are such a fundamental aspect of a councillor’s role in public life.

“As I embark on my year as Lord Mayor of Belfast, I want to ensure that our city is inclusive to all, including those with a communication disability. As councillors we have a responsibility to ensure we foster communities which are accessible to all our citizens and this includes providing inclusive communication environments.”

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